Compare the best iPad data plans

The UK has a wide array of SIM Only iPad data plans from many providers. Click on the links to the right to learn more about the types of plans offered.

For the highest data allowances at a low price, Three offers a cheap iPad data plans for £15 a month with 10GB of free data. For the most data, and max speed EE offers speedy 4G plans with 15GB or 25GB of data. And finally, for occasional mobile data use, there are many cheap iPad SIM only plans without a contract, such as the iPad data plans offered by Three that allow you to top up with up to 25GB of data for £10.

EE is the first provider in the UK to offer high-speed 4G iPad SIM Cards, with all other providers to follow later on in 2014. 4G mobile data plans offer much faster data transfer speeds than 3G plans, often up to 10 times faster and comparable to home mobile fibre broadband.

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